Monday, November 25, 2013

Chill Pill

Inner shirt from Gap | Thrifted denim vest | Drop-waist skirt from Moda MNL | Shoes from Vans 

It surprises me how I got to blog once again in just one week! I do have a lot of free time after all. I'm under the impression that my classes are just starting to warm up after that long semestral break. I don't have anything blog-worthy to share right now, thought I'd just drop an outfit post here now because I might lose the opportunity when a wave of school works and extra-curricular activities come my way soon. 

By the way, Midnight Memories came out today and I highly recommend everyone to get a copy. One Direction flaunts their song-writing skills and their fresher and edgier sound. Bubblegum pop ain't evident, my friend. 

-SAB xx

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Midnight Memories

Top from MuraditoPH | Thrifted black jeans | Lace-up boots from Marikina | Bag from Parisian

 It's quite obvious where I got my blog title but I won't talk about that anymore. It's just that I can't foreshadow my excitement for that album. Anyway, I've always wanted to do a black and white blog post/series of photos. I am quite going through a phase, a B&W filter phase which is widely evident even in my Instagram posts. I guess I am just a big fan of low saturation right now. I would like to think that this is my Saturday class 'ootd' but no student in the right mind would wear a shirt with words as such in an educational institution and so, it ends up here, in my safe space, my blog (lol).

-SAB xx

Sunday, October 6, 2013

The New Classic

Blazer from H&M // DIY muscle shirt // Shorts from thrift shop // Studded rucksack from Parisian // Strappy heels from Primadonna

OH THE HIATUS! I can't believe I am blogging again. I never thought I'll be able to write again. The semester that had just passed gave me tons of workload. It was a really tough semester, I must say, but I have survived past that so I am blogging away the relief and happiness by giving twists to classic wardrobe staples. I have a backward way of learning style. It was probably around 2 minutes ago when I realized I needed wardrobe staples in my closet. Every styling book that I've read had this tip on the very first page and I don't know how important they are to a person, working or not until I started brushing up on my styling homework. I am never sleek or tidy or clean-cut with my clothes given the fact that I am a free-spirited teenager with an alternative rock taste in music, so I gave twists to these classics. Instead of a white tank top, a "In Memory Of When I Cared" shirt; instead of dress pants or skinnies, an athletic denim shorts and instead of a plain tote, a studded ruckback. So how would you give twists to your wardrobe staples? Let me know!

-SAB xx

Monday, August 19, 2013


Vintage shirt | Rope necklace from Sabellissima | Shorts from SM Dept. Store | Shoes from Creative Recreation

I should be condemned for wearing summer festive prints on such a rainy and gloomy couple of days. What can I say? I just can't keep away from these lovely shorts. Seriously though, the rain here is non-stop and I've spending a couple of days sleeping in sweat pants and sweaters which is nice but causing me to slack off in the morning. At least, hell week is done (sort of), my "slacking off" can now take place. I don't really know what to write about anymore... Hmm... This is awkward now. Uh here's a song!

-SAB xx

Friday, August 2, 2013

Lean and Tall

Top and bandeau from Forever 21 | Striped pants from Dollhouse Co

I really should be thankful for the weekend but no, I am not. As you can see by my choice of hue in my pictures, it's either I feel like drowning in water or I am just stressed and depressed; the latter part is no different from the first one. I am so close to wearing a shirt that says "ew, school." I really don't see the point of learning meiosis and mitosis. Let's face it, I can't cure cancer so let's just  leave it at that. Everything about this week, plus my constant regrets about missing The XX concert is pure mental anguish. No soy latte or fruit tea can make me feel better right now; only the new Teen Vogue and GQ photo shoot of my favorite British lads will. A new chapter of "After" would do too (ehem Anne)!

-SAB xx

Monday, July 22, 2013


Top from Landmark | Skort from Passion For Fashion PH

Well talk about a legit hiatus! My hair is an obvious evidence of my long absence. Yes I cut it short, and I like it better this way. My last post was over (and i mean OVER) a month ago. The classes I am taking now are very demanding plus other activities I am not in the mood to write about, which i why there hasn't been any posts since the last day of summer (see what i did there lol). Truth be told, this post was like a 5-minute photoshoot with my dad right before we leave for a theater play at CCP. My origami skort is probably the most comfortable thing I've worn in my life. It's like I'm wearing cycling shorts covered in Japanese art paper made of spandex. I love how this trend broke out instantly and online shops started selling them in affordable prices. 

I'm crossing my fingers that I could post again SOON.

-SAB xx

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Last Day Of Summer

Obey snapback from brother | Top from Rhipe's Backyard | Shorts from Greenhills | Denim polo from Androgyne Manila | Shoes from Vans

Technically, summer was long over since heavy rains have been often lately but today is the last day of my vacation and my outfit choices seem to be welcoming summer all over again. The frustrated skater girl inside me is showing. My summer was definitely not a blast. Couch potato, all day, every day. But it gave me the chance to catch up on my favorite series and have a music genre intervention. Recently, I basically wiped out half of my playlist and replaced it with song by The XX, Passion Pit, Bastille, The Temper Trap and many more indie rock bands all thanks to my latest discovery, 8tracks. 
Anyways, I will be going back to school tomorrow as a sophomore, exciting but not really. I'm really bummed that I don't get to be with my friends for half of my classes *cue tears*. I am still hoping for a great semester though. Wish me luck on my first day tomorrow!

-SAB xx

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Countryside

Vintage denim jacket | Floral mini from Landmark | Boots from Aldo

To wrap up my not-so-summer vacation, we went on a roadtrip to Tagaytay to take a walk on the countryside. I was kind of hesitant of wearing an oversized denim jacket but the thought of a breezy Tagaytay spirals in my mind. Let me tell you this, I should have gone with my hesitation. With the obvious rays of sunlight perfectly hitting my face (as shown in the pictures above), it was a sunny day in Tagaytay. It wasn't a total hassle though, I knew precautions had to be taken so I just had to wear a floral sundress underneath. But then again, it was NOT a good idea as my "frustrated equestrian self" lures herself into riding horses. In the end I felt like it wasn't a roadtrip at all, I feel like we went on a food trip instead as we venture restaurant after restaurant. Still, it was a productive day, I even got to check out Nuvali in Laguna. The man-made wake park was such a sight to see. 

Here's a video diary of my short but sweet adventure: 

-SAB xx

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Top from Landmark | pants from Forever 21 | Shoes from Charles and Keith | Vintage clutch and sunnies
Top from Androgyne Manila | Bandage skirt from Crisela Collection | Boots from Aldo
Crop top from Forever 21 | Skirt from Cotton On | Boots from Aldo

I have a weird boredom coping mechanism and that includes test shots for no apparent reason. But these pictures came in handy when I scored VIP passes to the Forever 21 opening at the newly-built and much anticipated SM Aura Premier at Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. I get the hype and all, I have recently seen the construction and I honestly think SM steered away from their usual box structures. And with a location like BGC, the mall will surely be flocking with world-class brands and shops. I am so excited to go to the opening, I get to see the mall before the public does, how intriguing. I would like to thank David Guison for giving me passes!

Fun fact: my crop top on the third picture is not a crop top, it's my gym top.

-SAB xx

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Geek By Day

DIY shirt | Shorts from Androgyne Manila | Boots from Aldo 

The sporty minimalist fashion has been getting to me lately and I'm glad to have the powers of inspiration and DIY to do the trick. I always thought that snapbacks were a bit overrated and was made for the hipster slash skater (a persona I long to be). At some point, it seems to have broke out into the fashion editorial world and has swooned a number of bloggers such as myself. Plus, Harry Styles and Zayn Malik of One Direction seemed to have started the bandwagon so it's a no-brainer that I highly anticipated the Obey cap.

-SAB xx

Monday, April 29, 2013

Close Up Summer Solstice 2013

Let me tell you all about my first music festival experience at the Close Up Summer Solstice 2013.

Couldn't have spent it with anyone else than with these two pretty young ladies.
A quick photo op at the entrance
Yael Yuzon of Sponge Cola tried his hardest to reach out to fans (e.g. me, Tricia and Ingrid) and rocked the house at the same time.
The stage by day...
...and the stage by night.
Lights out, DEV comes in. 
Cobra Starship minus Gabe Saporta. Either way they made every good girl go bad. (see what i did there) 

Actually, these are not the only performers at the event. Close Up Summer Solstice is the first ever 12-hr party to be held in Manila, starting from 4pm to 4am, but being the good minor that I am, 12am is the curfew I have to follow. I missed the acts that came after midnight such as Alex Gaudino, Cedric Gervais, Apster and AFROJACK!!! *cue tears* But with the success of the event, I reckon this Coachella-inspired music festival will be done yearly. I am gonna go all out next year for sure! 

Now on to my outfit...

Top from H&M | Shorts from Bubbles | Boots from Aldo | Vintage bag

The night before the event, I have been on the lookout for a 12-hr party-proof yet summer chic ensemble and thanks to Coachella instagram, I was able to achieve it. 

The body pain and sore feet that came in the morning after was hella worth it. The acts were extremely amazing and the music was perfection to my ears. I wouldn't have it any other way (just kidding, a later curfew would have been nice) Lol.

-SAB xx