Friday, November 9, 2012

Singapore 2012

Hello everyone! As promised, I will share to you guys my recent trip to Singapore. Well, this is my first trip out of the country so I am really excited and giddy. The picture-taking was non-stop and since it was a beautiful and clean city, every corner was a sight to see. 

On our first day, we took the train to Ion Orchard and did a little shopping at Forever 21. Then we went to the Singapore Zoo. The jungle experience is within reach since most pf the animals were not caged. They just hang on trees, stand on stones and live freely as if they were out on the wild. 

Busy people at the train.
Forever 21 stairs at Ion Orchard.
I am fond of the white tiger.

We decided to have dinner at Chinatown which was two stations away from where we are staying.

On our second day, we went to Singapore Botanic Gardens then went on to do more shopping. In the evening, we decided to visit the famous Marina Bay Sands.

Topless bus!
Lana Del Rey for H&M
Jimmy Choo wedges!!!!
Singapore street art
Singapore Arts and Sciences Museum
Marina Bay Sands Hotel
Of course, it wouldn't be a trip to Singapore if we don't visit Resorts World Sentosa and Universal Studios.

Everybody that goes to Singapore has to have this shot.

"Hollywood" streets. 
With the Madagascar gang!
The Far, Far Away castle.

This is way cool!
The replica of the New York public library reminded me of Gossip Girl.

I won an Oscar!
Thinking Man. 
The famous Merlion.

It was definitely a trip of a lifetime! I had fun though my feet were hurting with all the walking and visiting. I even heard that the motto for tourist there is to "OutPLAY, outEAT, outSHOP Singapore". The wonders of Singapore didn't fail to amuse me. Such grandeur for such a small country. I hope you guys consider visiting this country some time in the future. I highly recommend it!

"Travel is the one thing you buy that makes you richer." -Anonymous

-SAB xx

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Jonas Brothers Live in Manila

It was a Wednesday night when I decided to turn on the TV and found SOS by the Jonas Brothers playing on Channel V's The Playlist. I knew from then on that it was a "sign".

LOL dramatic introduction much?! Well that's because as you all know, this concert is the last thing on my birthday wishlist and I am just so happy that I really got the chance to get my hands on those tickets. What's so funny about getting those tickets, is that I decided to buy them the night before the concert. Looking back, I had no intentions of going because I had no one I can go with. But then there's faith. And Ingrid. 


Ings' outfit
My outfit :)
Our potential cover photos:

Fooled around with Elmo Magalona as well.

SM Mall of Asia Arena

Since she's a Nemi shipper...

And since I'm a Kevin Jonas fan...

Ings' favorite song.

I will forever love this face.

I actually convinced her to wear boots.

Opening act: Anna Maria Perez De Tagle

She sang OPM songs! Btw, she's 100% Filipina. I loved that she sang "Hinahanap-hanap Kita". Too adorable!

My heart stopped when they first sang "When You Look Me In The Eyes".

My baby :">

Lucky VIP people :(
Multitasking. Nick Jonas style.

My favorite shot. Just like old times.
Rocking out to the songs!
Nick's heartbreaking solos.
They were saying goodbye. :(

Their signature final bow. :">

Up to know, I still can't believe I went to their concert. I never stopped loving them and for me, they were never disbanded. I will always be a fan. I love you and thank you Jonas Brothers! 

"Dreams can't take the place in loving you, there's got to be a million reasons why it's true."

-SAB xx