Monday, November 25, 2013

Chill Pill

Inner shirt from Gap | Thrifted denim vest | Drop-waist skirt from Moda MNL | Shoes from Vans 

It surprises me how I got to blog once again in just one week! I do have a lot of free time after all. I'm under the impression that my classes are just starting to warm up after that long semestral break. I don't have anything blog-worthy to share right now, thought I'd just drop an outfit post here now because I might lose the opportunity when a wave of school works and extra-curricular activities come my way soon. 

By the way, Midnight Memories came out today and I highly recommend everyone to get a copy. One Direction flaunts their song-writing skills and their fresher and edgier sound. Bubblegum pop ain't evident, my friend. 

-SAB xx

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Midnight Memories

Top from MuraditoPH | Thrifted black jeans | Lace-up boots from Marikina | Bag from Parisian

 It's quite obvious where I got my blog title but I won't talk about that anymore. It's just that I can't foreshadow my excitement for that album. Anyway, I've always wanted to do a black and white blog post/series of photos. I am quite going through a phase, a B&W filter phase which is widely evident even in my Instagram posts. I guess I am just a big fan of low saturation right now. I would like to think that this is my Saturday class 'ootd' but no student in the right mind would wear a shirt with words as such in an educational institution and so, it ends up here, in my safe space, my blog (lol).

-SAB xx