Sunday, October 6, 2013

The New Classic

Blazer from H&M // DIY muscle shirt // Shorts from thrift shop // Studded rucksack from Parisian // Strappy heels from Primadonna

OH THE HIATUS! I can't believe I am blogging again. I never thought I'll be able to write again. The semester that had just passed gave me tons of workload. It was a really tough semester, I must say, but I have survived past that so I am blogging away the relief and happiness by giving twists to classic wardrobe staples. I have a backward way of learning style. It was probably around 2 minutes ago when I realized I needed wardrobe staples in my closet. Every styling book that I've read had this tip on the very first page and I don't know how important they are to a person, working or not until I started brushing up on my styling homework. I am never sleek or tidy or clean-cut with my clothes given the fact that I am a free-spirited teenager with an alternative rock taste in music, so I gave twists to these classics. Instead of a white tank top, a "In Memory Of When I Cared" shirt; instead of dress pants or skinnies, an athletic denim shorts and instead of a plain tote, a studded ruckback. So how would you give twists to your wardrobe staples? Let me know!

-SAB xx