Sunday, October 21, 2012

Jonas Brothers Live in Manila

It was a Wednesday night when I decided to turn on the TV and found SOS by the Jonas Brothers playing on Channel V's The Playlist. I knew from then on that it was a "sign".

LOL dramatic introduction much?! Well that's because as you all know, this concert is the last thing on my birthday wishlist and I am just so happy that I really got the chance to get my hands on those tickets. What's so funny about getting those tickets, is that I decided to buy them the night before the concert. Looking back, I had no intentions of going because I had no one I can go with. But then there's faith. And Ingrid. 


Ings' outfit
My outfit :)
Our potential cover photos:

Fooled around with Elmo Magalona as well.

SM Mall of Asia Arena

Since she's a Nemi shipper...

And since I'm a Kevin Jonas fan...

Ings' favorite song.

I will forever love this face.

I actually convinced her to wear boots.

Opening act: Anna Maria Perez De Tagle

She sang OPM songs! Btw, she's 100% Filipina. I loved that she sang "Hinahanap-hanap Kita". Too adorable!

My heart stopped when they first sang "When You Look Me In The Eyes".

My baby :">

Lucky VIP people :(
Multitasking. Nick Jonas style.

My favorite shot. Just like old times.
Rocking out to the songs!
Nick's heartbreaking solos.
They were saying goodbye. :(

Their signature final bow. :">

Up to know, I still can't believe I went to their concert. I never stopped loving them and for me, they were never disbanded. I will always be a fan. I love you and thank you Jonas Brothers! 

"Dreams can't take the place in loving you, there's got to be a million reasons why it's true."

-SAB xx