Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Other Direction

Fabulous UK magazine recently featured One Direction in their latest issue. And in my opinion, this, by far is the the most candid and controversial feature of 1D yet. Can't you tell by those quotes they gave out on each cover sample? How can you resist those intriguing confessions?

I love the fact that this feature captured the boys' true-self and their transition from small-town dreamers to sensational boy band members. This simply stood out from all the other covers they did in the past. I guess it is because now, they got to witness the ugly side of fame and stood in the blinding limelight. But no matter how comparable their fame is to others, their personality, character and genuine love for their fans sets them apart. 

Kudos to Fabulous UK! This issue brought out the other side of One Direction.

Photo credits to http://www.justjared.com/

-SAB xx

Candy Fair 2012

Hey Candy Girls! Let me share to you my first Candy Fair 2012.

I was hesitant about whether posting this post or not. Well for one thing, my friends and I didn't finish the event. We had to go to ANOTHER event that's why we left early. (We did A LOT of things on the 22nd) I decided to post it anyways because it was my first and it was so exciting. I loved the booths. I loved the food alleys. And I LOVED THE CANDY CUTIES!

Went with my girs, Ingrid and Tricia.
Candy Girls lining up to get in. 

Tricia's outfit :)
Check her out at http://trishdiaries.blogspot.com/
Ingrid's outfit :)
We're such hipsters, we all wore high-waisted shorts.

We simply love STUDS!
Inside Megatents. I felt the party vibe :D
I took a lot of photos with a lot of cuties but I've narrowed them down to my top 3 and a bonus cutie! LOL

JC! He was so nice. I think he was the only one who I actually engaged a conversation with.
Hiro Magalona. One word: HOT!
ANJO DAMILES! My ultimate Candy Cutie! He hugged me so tightly and I am just a sucker for guys with braces |:">
Haven't you heard? I'm Derek's new Anna Banana :D
The theme of Candy Fair 2012 was NEON, which is a huge trend right now (as seen in my previous post). I decided not to go all the way and wear neon from head to toe. I just simply wore accents of neon, here and there. You know me, I'm a minimalist.

Forever 21 inspired top from Passion For Fashion | Aztec print shorts from Bubbles
Spiked bracelet from  Bits Shop
Vintage yellow purse
Bib necklace from Divisoria
Studded loafers from Solemate

I loved seeing Candy Girls such as myself, come together and just have a good time. Thank you Candy Magazine and see you all again next year! Much "LOVE"! 

-SAB xx