Saturday, November 8, 2014

Scribbling Positivity

Another year is bound to end, and it's only fitting that we better start thinking of a few New Year's resolutions. Well if you ask me, being completely organized and motivated is my number one resolution for next year. Luckily, Filed will be releasing their new Scribble planner to help me achieve my resolution!

I love this planner! The aesthetic tickles my minimalist and rustic fancy. Definitely an Instagram-worthy item! And look, it has my name in beautiful calligraphy. Thanks Filed! 

But enough what's on the outside, we all know what's on the inside is also important; so here are my top 3 favorite features of the Scribble planner:

1. The Bucket List

3 words: Life is short. Won't it be fun to challenge ourselves in doing things before a certain day? I, for one, am so excited to jot down all the things I wanted to do before perhaps I turn 25? I get married? I die? The world is filled with endless possibilities. There are thousands of adventures that await and I can't wait to list them down on my planner, and cross them off one by one.

2. The Inspirational Pages

Let's face it, we all need that daily dose of inspiration and the Scribble planner got that covered! Whenever we're having 'those days', we need some sort of compassion.We may not hear it from someone, or see it in a least the Scribble planner is here to remind us that inspiration is everywhere!

3. The Stickers

Such a childish choice, but hey, they contain more inspiration! The Scribble planner is just filled with positive words and it's very uplifting. And besides, their colorful! Colors make everything better. Why don't you put them up everywhere? That's when you can truly say that inspiration can be found in the most unexpected places.

Want a more positive 2015? Grab the new Filed Scribble planner and scribble positivity with me!

Filed is now accepting initial orders for the 2015 Scribble planner. Get yours now! Just log on to :)

- SAB xx

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